Policy Agenda

Fighting For Everything They Try To Deny Us

Washington will use his years of experience and proven results in Lansing to fight for:

Jobs That Pay A Living Wage– No one should work 40 hours a week but still have to rely on public assistance to survive.

High Quality Education– Every child in our state should have high quality schools in the communities they live in.

Affordable Insurance– Insurance rates should be affordable for everyone not just the suburban and rural communities.

Safe Neighborhoods– We must equally invest in all communities. Cites like Detroit and Harper Woods are not getting their fair share of investment when it comes to the neighborhoods our families live in. We must create vibrant neighborhoods that attract potential home owners including young people looking to purchase their first home and start a family.

Restore City Residency Provisions for First Responders & Essential City Employees– We must make it legal for cities like Detroit to require newly hired police, fire, and essential employees to live within their city’s boundaries. This is vital to insuring public safety in cases of natural or human caused disasters and homeland security. Residency requirements will also increase city employees’ ownership as true stakeholders in the communities they serve and allow cash strapped cities to increase their tax bases and revenues.

Strong Community Mental Health Programs & Initiatives– We must reduce the mental health crisis our communities face in Michigan by investing in high quality mental health programs and initiatives. Many times untreated mental conditions lead to drug or alcohol abuse and addiction which in turn can lead to troubles with the law/criminal justice system. Studies show that more than 50 percent our current prison population and 28 percent of our homeless population suffer from serious mental illness conditions that went untreated. Proper investment in community mental health programs and initiatives that provide high quality treatment, services and combat the negative stigma associated with mental illness will help reduce crime, homelessness and create more vibrant safe communities.

Quality Roads– We must repair our roads and hold road construction contractors accountable for the work via warranties.

Public Transportation– We must invest and maintain a high quality transportation system that will make Metro-Detroit more attractive to potential employers and young people.

Governmental Accountability and Transparency– We must hold all elected officials accountable and demand transparency at all levels of government. Politicians should be working for us not corporations.