What Is The First House District?

What is the First State House District?

The First State House District of Michigan encompasses the communities on the eastside of Detroit as well as the cities of Harper Woods and Grosse Pointe Woods, and finally a portion of the Village of Grosse Pointe Shores. The district is one of the more diverse in the state but is united in seeking a better life for future generations. Our district is home to many small businesses, factories, schools, and institutions of higher education.

This map shows the outlines of the district:

Map of Michigan HD-01

Map of Michigan’s 1st State House District
















The state’s official definition of the First District is –

  • Detroit:
    • beginning at Gratiot and E. 8 Mile Road, east on 8 Mile to Kelly,
    • southwest on Kelly to Kingsville, east on Kingsville to Mack,
    • south and west on Mack to Opal, west on Opal to E. Warren,
    • west on E. Warren to Marseilles, north on Marseilles to Frankfort, west on Frankfort to University Pl.,
    • south on University Pl. to Warren, west on E. Warren to Guilford, south on Guilford to Munich, west on Munich to Cadieux,
    • north on Cadieux to E. Warren, west on E. Warren to Yorkshire, south on Yorkshire to Cornwall, west on Cornwall to Bedford,
    • north on Bedford to E. Outer Drive, west on E. Outer Drive to Nottingham, south on Nottingham to E. Warren, west on E. Warren to Phillip,
    • north on Phillip to E. Edsel Ford Freeway, west on E. Edsel Ford Freeway to Chalmers, north on Chalmers to Kilbourne, west on Kilbourne to Dickerson,
    • north on Dickerson to Flanders, west on Flanders to Annsbury, south on Annsbury to Wilfred,
    • west on Wilfred to Gratiot, northeast on Gratiot to East 8 Mile Rd,
  • Grosse Pointe Woods
  • Harper Woods
  • Village of Grosse Pointe Shores (part)